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Encourage creative play with costumes from Pretend to Bee

  • Encourage creative play with costumes from Pretend to Bee

Pretend To Bee is the UK’s number one supplier for high-quality children’s role play costumes.

We have a range of over 200 made-to-last dressing-up costumes, educational toys and accessories for ages six months to 11 years – all designed to be both educational and fun.

Here at Pretend To Bee, we craft children’s products which fire the imagination and encourage learning through play.

We believe costumes are universal.  All children can wear and play with anything.  From their first steps, to nursery, school and beyond, creativity creates confidence and discovery brings development.

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing, and children love nothing more than creating a world of their own.

Pretend to Bee is all about nurturing those wonderful imaginations. We firmly believe this encourages creative thinking, communication skills, language development and social skills, while playing with each other requires teamwork, cooperation and sharing.

Storytime Capes

Like all our products, our magical set of Storytime Capes are designed with sustainably sourced fabrics and trims carefully selected to be safe, durable and robust, with easy care instructions.

Getting children dressed up in their favourite costume isn’t always simple, but with these Storytime Capes, being transported into imaginative play couldn’t be easier.

This fantastical set includes a hooded Forest Monster, a silky red Royal, a Wizard, a Superhero AND even a Princess.  With these five Storytime Capes, the playtime inspiration is endless!

With a nurtured imagination, a child can do anything.

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