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Polylino – A digital picture book service for UK nursery schools

  • Polylino – A digital picture book service for UK nursery schools

Bringing the magic of storytime to every child!

Polylino is a digital picture book service for nursery schools which provides hundreds of high-quality UK picture books which align with the EYFS curriculum.

The user-friendly digital solution is ideally suited to:

  • Support EAL, SEND and disadvantaged children
  • Improve access to high-quality books for children in the nursery and at home
  • Support language and literacy development in line with the EYFS framework

For each book on Polylino, a teacher or child can:

  • Listen to it in English – many books can also be listened to in multiple languages
  • Browse the pages of a book
  • Mute the audio to allow someone else to read the book out loud
  • Bookmark their favourite parts
  • Zoom in on the text or artwork
  • Turn on/off text highlighting

To ensure that the quality of the books on Polylino meet the standards of the EYFS curriculum, we partnered with Jake Hope as our Children’s Literature Expert to curate our digital library and to write our Teacher Guide.

He has personally chosen each book from our UK publisher partners to ensure they align with the EYFS framework.

“Polylino offers a carefully curated library at children’s fingertips – a real treasure trove of titles to suit all tastes and subjects, all at the touch of a screen”

Jake Hope, Chair of the working party for the
CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals

Originally developed in Sweden, Polylino is hugely successful across the Nordic region, and is now available in many other European countries and North America.

When you sign up for Polylino, you know that you’re joining a network of like-minded teachers who are striving to support language development in all young children.

“Staff have found Polylino extremely user-friendly and have loved being able to share stories with children in their home language”

The Willows Daycare Nursery, Ipswich

For more information about Polylino and to request a 1:1 demonstration from our customer support team head to our Polylino website or email us at

Sign up for a free 30 day trial

The best way to discover Polylino is to try it out yourself with the children at your nursery. That’s why we offer a no strings attached free 30-day trial for nursery schools in the UK which you can sign up for instantly online.

No payment details are required, simply provide your name, nursery school details and your email address.

Upon signing up, our customer support team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are able to familiarise yourself with all the features on Polylino.

All teachers will also have access to our Teacher Guide written by Jake Hope which outlines how to best use Polylino with the children at their nursery school. 

Sign up for your free Polylino trial today via our website.

Polylino is a product owned by ILT Education.