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Why Tapestry’s award-winning software is a one-stop-shop for early years settings

  • Why Tapestry’s award-winning software is a one-stop-shop for early years settings

You can now access your nursery management software, online learning journal, parental communication tools and professional development support all in one place with Tapestry! Best of all, every feature is included in the price of one yearly subscription.

Maximising the amount of time early years professionals spend teaching and learning, getting to know each child and their family to support children’s development and progress, is key to child-centred practice. This can be challenging to manage alongside the many responsibilities and pressures of daily life in a setting.

Combining quality, affordability and ease of use, Tapestry’s award-winning software provides a range of digital features to help.

Tapestry’s founders, Helen and Steve Edwards, combined their respective early years education and tech expertise to design an innovative platform that, for more than 10 years, has continued to adapt to the changing requirements of early years education.

“Our long immersion in the early years community has given us a deep understanding of the sector and the commitment of the education professionals within it,” says Steve.

“This guides our determination to provide a genuinely useful, time-saving and cost-effective tool to those colleagues who are now also our customers.

“When our users tell us they think of Tapestry as an assistant and friend, then we know we are getting something right.”

New features

Being a growing, family-run company enables us to talk, listen and share ideas easily. Our friendly Product Support Team passes on feedback from customers, which helps us to improve existing functionality and plan future additions.

New features are created by our skilled developers in collaboration with Tapestry’s resident Education Team, whose experience of working in early years and primary informs design and functionality. Their connection with sector specialists keeps Tapestry up to date with statutory requirements, policy directions and pedagogical approaches.

As well as guiding the development of Tapestry’s features, this expertise is shared to support professional development in our podcast conversations, library of articles, free downloadable resources such as the ‘Beginner’s Guides’ series, and via Tapestry CPD (free to Tapestry users).

Tapestry’s nursery management tools have been designed by our Development Team in conversation with settings, to ensure they cater to the needs of our users.

You can build schedules, log bookings and create registers within Tapestry, as well as generate invoices for families based on a child’s time spent at your setting, including their funded and unfunded hours.

You can also send those invoices to families by email through Tapestry, add products, services and consumables as ‘Extra Charges’, log and allocate payments to invoices, send receipts, and review ‘Account Balances’ to keep track of what has been paid by each family.

Our aim is to enable users to do everything in one place, from building children’s learning journeys and parental engagement, all the way through to reporting and management.

We are so happy to see our customers getting excited about each new release:

“I use Tapestry to invoice and it is so simple and effective. I moved from [alternative provider] because I found it very expensive. Tapestry does everything I need for a fraction of the price!” – Jan 2024

The Tapestry team prioritise features based on need, so if you are a current customer and want to request a new feature or ask for changes, you can email our lovely Product Support Team at

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