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Enabling Environments

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  • “Fill your class with wonder”

    Early educators have the power to change children’s view of the world and the way it works for the better, says…

    Subject: Outdoors

    Author: Carley Sefton

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  • Spaces that boost learning

    Truly enabling environments, be they indoors or out, allow children to experiment free from the fear of failure Enabling environments should be…

    Subject: Learning environments

    Author: Tania Swift

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  • “Let children lead play”

    Resist the urge to stick your oar into children’s play – your participation may not be welcomed, counsels Juno Hollyhock… I had…

    Subject: Play

    Author: Juno Hollyhock

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  • Upgrading your outdoor area

    Your outdoor area is a major part of your educational offering, so don’t take chances when it’s time to upgrade, says…

    Subject: Outdoors

    Author: Mark Hardy

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  • Face to face

    If you want to communicate better with your children, find the space to interact on the same level, says Juno Hollyhock… I…

    Subject: Outdoors

    Author: Juno Hollyhock

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