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Cost-Effective Modular Eco-Classrooms – Facilitating Outdoor Learning And Play, Naturally

  • Cost-Effective Modular Eco-Classrooms – Facilitating Outdoor Learning And Play, Naturally

TG Escapes firmly believes that exposure to the great outdoors not only improves the quality of life for young people, but also enhances their ability to learn and encourages them to become valued, integrated members of society. And that furthermore, an engagement with nature also heightens awareness of the environment, both on a local and a global scale, and how to take care of it nurturing a child’s sense of environmental citizenship.

All elements of its eco-classroom design minimise the barriers between inside and out and maximise the penetration of daylight into the interior learning space, which cognitive studies have shown to improve behaviour, concentration and academic performance. Plus, its standalone buildings establish a connection with their natural surroundings for both students and staff alike, effortlessly instilling a desire to take the learning experience outside.

For all age groups, an optimally positioned eco-classroom combined with full length windows and glass bi-folding doors, will provide uninterrupted views of the world outside the classroom whilst simultaneously bathing its occupants in brilliant natural light. For younger children, the addition of covered canopies and walkways stimulate free-flow play from inside to out and even allow for outdoor play in the most inclement weather conditions.

Another crucial element of the company’s eco-classroom design, is the use of the very latest in environmentally friendly materials, methods and technologies to create a building that is low impact, low maintenance and highly energy efficient.

Energy-saving features like recycled insulation, percussion taps that minimise water usage and the smart meters on many electrical appliances assist in keeping energy wastage to a minimum. TG Escapes’ self-contained early years settings, including offices, kitchens and wet play areas, start from £132k for 24 places and from £370k for 72 places.

If you are interested in discovering more about the importance and benefits of getting outside and outdoor learning, why not download TG Escapes’ whitepaper ‘The Outdoor Environment’ which looks at the importance of outdoor learning in tackling the growing problem with nature deficit?

What customers say

You’ll find over 70 case studies on the company’s website, some featuring short videos, and testimonials from many of its customers. Here are just a couple of examples:

“We have seen a big improvement in their behaviour and they are much calmer, something that we think may be due to the natural light they have which was not available in the previous room.”
Alison Price, Head at St Fagans Primary on their stand alone nursery building.

“Both children and staff love learning and working in the building due to the amount of natural light and space. Free flow access to a covered deck is a huge advantage so that outdoor learning can take place in all weathers.”
Sam Patel, Director of School Development at Bickley Park School on their triple classroom early years block.


Modular construction process saves time and disruption

Much of the construction occurs in a central manufacturing facility, eliminating on-site mess and waste and keeping materials safe from theft and the elements. While the modules are assembled elsewhere, on-site work such as foundation preparation and amenity connection can occur simultaneously, reducing both the construction period and labour costs.

Furthermore, the fewer people and the less equipment needed on location, the quicker, quieter and safer the process, resulting in considerably less disruption.

Time on site can be a as short as just a few weeks for a simple early years building. TG Escapes provides a full turnkey service but, of course, design and planning permission can take a little longer than a few weeks, so if you are looking to increase your provision in the next year why not get in touch on 0800 917 7726 or

TG Escapes can provide a free survey of your site to help you explore the options or send you examples to help with your provision planning. Follow the company on Twitter at @learningescape or on LinkedIn.