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How early years play equipment helps with development

  • How early years play equipment helps with development

Thanks to numerous studies and unquestionable evidence over the years, schools and nurseries are now openly acknowledging the importance of playground equipment for those in their early years.

With many wondering just what benefits lay in store for little ones when adventuring to their favourite playground, we’ve put together this handy guide to show the developmental benefits of early years playground equipment – both physically and mentally.

The below benefits are highlighted in a broad sense. For more information on which playground equipment would help with each specific area, we recommend contacting Sovereign Early Years; manufacturers of strong, safe and fun playground equipment in the UK.

The benefits young ones can enjoy with playground equipment

Sometimes, getting children away from the dreaded device screen and playing in the outdoors can be a tough task to master. With the help of a playground however, that task becomes a lot easier to achieve for the simple fact, children love playgrounds.

What’s more, getting them out to that playground, whether it’s in an educational establishment’s playground or a local council funded playground, can be a hugely beneficial experience in more ways than one.

Here are just some of the ways that Early Years Playground Equipment can help with little ones and their development.

Physical health

Outdoor play has a huge amount of benefits. Not only does it encourage children outside, exposing them to Vitamin D which can be difficult to get enough of during the darker months but it also ensures they’re getting fresh air, keeping their lungs and entire respiratory systems healthy.

Add to this the fact that they’ll be outside, using their different muscle groups to climb from one piece of equipment to the next and it’s clear, the physical health benefits that can be achieved through the use of a playground.

Social skills

Playgrounds are an incredible place. Not only do they give children an amazing space to have fun but they help bring little ones out of their shell, helping them socialise with children their own age.

Outdoor play is a great way to allow children to build their social skills and make new friends, as they interact with others playing on the same equipment. They’ll learn to not only share the equipment they’re playing on but learn how to interact around other groups of children who may be playing alongside theirs.


When it comes to early years development, it’s often referred to as imaginative play, as a child’s imagination truly flourishes when they play outside.

Throw in wooden playground equipment and their imagination can begin to whirl into a whole host of new and wonderful places. A wooden bench or hut can become a post office, a shop, a home, a kitchen. Their peers will suddenly become their relatives or shopkeepers.

Mental wellbeing

In a world that seems evermore likely to suffer from stress and anxiety, it’s so incredibly important for children to learn how to switch off. We want children to let off steam, to relax and unwind and they do this so well through play.

As children enter their school years, even from the age of 4 and 5, they can start to feel the pressure of school and academia. Thankfully, playgrounds are a great way for them to play, interact and enjoy themselves, which releases endorphins as they become more physically active and in turn, improving mental health and wellbeing.

Motor skills

From touching tactile objects to experiencing a range of different textures and shapes; playground equipment is fantastic for enhancing a child’s motor skills. A child’s fine motor skills will naturally enhance as they play through what’s known as sensory and construction play.

This means playground equipment such as sand boxes and even climbing frames, encouraging them to hold and grip, will all help them build those motor skills without them even realising.

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