Starting School

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    Franklin Watts
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If you’re looking for titles to help your rising fives through the often-daunting transition from pre-school to Reception, this perky and informative offering from Caryn Jenner and Arthur Robins should definitely be on your shortlist. Balancing the need to be aware of children’s fears and concerns with the importance of ‘selling’ the positive aspects of school life can be a difficult trick to pull off – but it’s managed here very well indeed. All the ‘... but what if?’ questions are tackled head on (even the one that is all too rarely mentioned, despite being a big deal for many youngsters – not making it to the toilet in time), and the ‘you’ll be having FUN!’ message comes across without a sense of protesting too much. All in all, a sensible and immensely useful book, to which you’ll find yourself turning year after year.