Brave As Can Be

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One of the most popular topics of conversation amongst young children is ‘what I was like when I was *really* small’. They love to compare themselves with who they were just a year or so ago, pointing out all the things they know and understand now that they didn’t before – and of course, 12 months makes a huge difference when you’ve yet to reach your fifth birthday. In this gently empowering story of overcoming the natural and plentiful fears of toddlerhood, an older sibling tells her younger sister about all the things that used to scare her – like barking dogs, creepy-crawlies and the dark – and describes the strategies that helped her develop the courage to deal with them.

A strict teacher is a lot less intimidating, for example, if you imagine her as a wise old owl, complete with feathers and a beak – and singing a cheerful song can certainly take the edge off a thunderstorm. Simultaneously validating the natural anxieties shared by many youngsters (even if they are not always expressed), whilst giving them a new perspective that reduces their negative power, this is a book that will resonate profoundly with its intended audience.