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Fine-tuning your approach to health, safety and hygiene in the nursery

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Fine-tuning your approach to health, safety and hygiene in the nursery

Keeping the children in their care safe from harm is every early years provider’s most important responsibility – read on for advice on polishing your practice.

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What's Inside?

Ensuring the wellbeing of a setting’s worth of small children can seem daunting – and it’s vital that owners, managers and their teams don’t underestimate the task and grow complacent, certainly. But it’s also true that with the correct policies and procedures, maintaining a safe and healthy environment needn’t be the cause of sleepless nights.

Inside this report there’s expert advice that spans the breadth of early years providers’ health and safety responsibilities. You’ll find accessible guidance on establishing a watertight approach to safeguarding, tips on maintaining a hygienic environment, a step-by-step walk-through of the process of writing a health and safety policy, and insights into the challenge of balancing the need to offer risky play with your duty to keep everybody safe from harm. Plus, read how to ensure your food offering is delivering the nutrition growing bodies and brains need.

Report Highlights

A quick look at the key themes covered within this report:

Seven great tips on meeting your safeguarding responsibilities
Melanie Pilcher on learning from 'avoidable incidents'
How to write an effective nursery health and safety policy
Advice on embracing the 'Eat Better, Start Better' guidelines

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