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Tips for keeping kids safe in playgrounds during COVID

  • Tips for keeping kids safe in playgrounds during COVID

With another lockdown in effect, it’s no surprise that we’re all looking for ways to remain as safe as possible while still ensuring we have enough exercise and fresh air on a daily basis.

And with the developmental benefits of playgrounds for little ones, not to mention the restrictions with regards to every other outlet for young minds, they’ve become ever more relied upon through this troubling year.

That being said, it’s still just as important as ever that we ensure the safety of our children and of course ourselves when using these public facilities.

To help, here are our tips for keeping your children safe whilst using playground equipment during COVID-19.

Top tips for staying safe in the playground

  • First and foremost, do check the restrictions that may be in place within your Tier group. You’ll need to know whether you’re able to visit your local playground and if you can, whether there are certain time restrictions in place too.
  • Avoid the playground if you or your little one is feeling poorly or showing any of the common COVID-19 symptoms. These include a new persistent cough, a temperature or the loss of taste and/or smell.
  • Socially distance from everyone you meet in there, even if they’re friends from school. It’s important right now, more than ever that you socially distance at all times. Stay 2m apart.
  • Have wet wipes and antibacterial wipes to hand so you can quickly wipe the chains on swings, handles on climbing frames and other touch points when possible.
  • Use hand sanitiser before entering, during your stay and after you leave also to help stop the spread of any germs you may have with you or pick up in the park.
  • Do not use water fountains or any shared drinking water taps.
  • Avoid sharing any toys with any other children during your visit to the park. If you do take toys with you (we advise against this) make sure they’re washable so you can throw them in the washing machine as soon as you get home.
  • If you can, try to use the playground when you think it will be the least busy. Think of it like the gym and hit it during off-peak times.

Playgrounds needn’t be a worry with the right precautions

It can be difficult and at times impossible for younger children to fully understand the risk however with continued practice, and the precautions we’ve listed above, the playground doesn’t need to be off bounds during these already difficult times.

Check out Sovereign Early Years

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