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Sound Children make Music Kits for Sound Children

Early Years music experts Sound Children make Music Kits specially designed to enable any enthusiastic Early Years practitioner to lead effective and enjoyable music sessions with babies and young children - no prior musical training is needed. The whole basis of the approach is that musical learning happens only by doing and especially by doing together and so everything is designed to make it as easy as possible for the children (and the teachers) to make music together.  It’s an innovative and accessible approach and it works -  the Music Kits have already won a host of Early Years awards.

What makes Sound Children different?
Sound Children provide a complete music-making solution for non-specialists: not just a box of instruments but everything a setting needs for embedding music-making into the daily routine. The Music Kits include beautiful, hand made instruments, expert teaching guidance and a full support programme. There are quirky music cards, which encourage and support open-ended musical exploration and allow the children to lead the process. There are short and helpful videos and there’s online access to Orly Zalel and annA ryder, two leading music educationalists and musicians.

Sound Children instruments are real, not plastic toys: they’re just like professional instruments but are scaled-down to suit smaller players. They’re all individually made by hand from natural, sustainably grown materials and children instinctively appreciate the quality and materials and they learn to respond in a more sensitive and nuanced way with these than with plastic instruments.

What support package is offered
Early Years music experts Orly and annA give free advice and answer questions via the website and they’re also available for Skype-based consultation and training. There are also lots of really useful video clips freely available online, showing music-making in practice in real settings, as well as research, recordings and music making ideas.

Sound Children are the Early Years division of Drums for Schools.