Product Focus


EASY offers two types of web-based curriculum software.  One package has been designed to meet the challenges of delivering the EYFS in early years settings. The second; the @home version, is available for families, that aspire to support their child at home.  Excitingly the @home edition can also linked up to the education providers’ software to aid ‘partnership working’ between the educational provision and the child’s home environment by enabling the data to ‘talk to each other’ for the benefit of all parties.

The EASY pre-school software was specially designed by a practitioner to be a practical tool.  Owning and managing her own early years establishments and recognizing the challenges that brings, EASY was established to solve and organise the curriculum delivery from assessment, record keeping, planning, tracking progress, 2-3 year Progress Checks and much more.  EASY has been used for more than 15 years and as a consequence has been part of many regulatory inspections, such as, Ofsted, local and national quality assurance processes. 

EASY is not only flexible but is also easy to use, even for those who think they are IT-illiterate!  Full support is given.  Updates and new features are FREE.

What might be your challenges and how can EASY assist?

• Organise all your paperwork: observations, recording achievements and planning for each individual child.
• Support your staff and in making all types of written reports. 
• Track children’s progress. 
• Save time and promoting your reputation. 
• Work together with families. 

EASY allows a complete learning journey to be developed to a consistent professional level by all practitioners.  Everything is stored safely and is easily accessible at all times.  The software guides practitioners in what to observe and, for extra evidence, allows for longer notes to be stored with photographs if desired.  Each child has their own individual plan that highlights their next learning steps for practitioners to facilitate using the child’s personal interests and your enabling environment.

All adults, regardless of their career status or level of experience are enabled to provide each child with the correct opportunities for learning and development.  Within 15-20 minutes a comprehensive extract of the child’s learning journey can be written up, including examples of how the family can support the child at home.  In addition to other types of reports for other professionals, another provider and the next establishment on leaving, EASY fully organises your 2-3 Progress Checks.  The whole process is fully organized into quick and simple steps.  This includes, considerations in whether the time is right, information from the child’s family and others they wish to be involved, pertinent progress records and selected photos taken at home and in the setting.  All is then included in the final document after the meeting with the parents/carers has taken place.

Simple clear charts prove progress, highlight areas of concern and monitor equal opportunities.  Information is generated easily to show comparisons with minority groups, by gender, by term of birth etc.  Graphs also demonstrate the achievements for individual children, small groups can be compared and a variety of whole cohorts of children can be selected too. 

EASY assists with the dilemma of balancing what always has to be made between quality and cost, especially in relation to time.  EASY permits staff to spend more time with the children and saves lengthy planning time/meetings as the software gives easy to read information concerning learning destinations.  EASY enhances job satisfaction as each practitioner has information to hand and each child is enabled to flourish, while less time is spent on paperwork. Management has reassurance of a consistent approach and clear information easily availble.  Using EASY enhances the settings reputation through the ‘reporting’ features for families, involved professionals, other providers and the next setting. 

Encourage your families to take part, aid and enjoy their child’s learning journey through our @home software. This stand-alone edition can also link with your settings version so you and each family can communicate effectively; as information is shared keeping both parties ‘in touch’ and involved.  Easy to use, it helps families with their aspirations to provide the best for their child, by recognising achievements and also, indicates what the child needs to learn and achieve next.  This encourages appropriate activities at home through a staged holistic approach, for example, the attainment of pre-writing skills before formal writing.  This easy system allows families to support their child; to build their Characteristics of Effective Learning; to investigate, discover and learn; through playing and exploring, creating and thinking critically and by actively learning through play. 


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Our Verdict


“I have noticed a drastic change in the standard of learning journeys that are being produced. This programme has eliminated my previous concerns regarding the continuity of learning journeys for parents/carers and it supports practitioners when devising individualised planning for each of their key children.  One of the key elements of this programme is its simplicity and its ability to facilitate a wide range of reports that promote individualised learning.  Staff were admittedly a little apprehensive about this change, however, after one training session all their prior concerns evaporated and the staff were extremely excited about the programme and how it would impact upon their working lives. Not only did they feel it was a much easier ways of recording children’s learning and development, but they felt that it would be quicker, allowing them more time to spend with the child, which is obviously the most important part of their role.  From a practical and financial point of view this programme has also saved money for the business as it has reduced printing and paper costs considerably”  Felicity Myhill – Lollipops