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Play Phonics with Sammy Sounds

  • Play Phonics with Sammy Sounds

What is it?

Play Phonics with Sammy Sounds brings slapstick and adventure to your classroom through on-demand, interactive phonics drama videos. We nurture young imaginations and encourage a love of learning to read.

Sammy Sounds is from Phonics Land and is friends with all the sounds. The problem is, she’s lost her sound friends and needs children’s help to rescue them…

Through active participation, children join in the funky phonics warm-up, choose the sound of the day and climb aboard the sound train to the paradise world of Phonics Land.

Since 2013, Play Phonics has helped over 10,000 children develop a love of reading. Through unique kinaesthetic, auditory and visual techniques, the on-demand videos enrich classroom teaching for nursery and EYFS pupils.

The phonics adventures are in line with the curriculum and make a great supplementary resource to complement other systematic synthetic phonics teaching resources, such as Letters and Sounds.

The courses cover Phase 1-5 sounds and are perfect for introducing pre-schoolers and Reception pupils to phonics. They can also be used as a catch-up programme for Y1/2.

Through drama and interactive fun, pupils will be given the tools to blend, segment and decode words. The videos are designed to encourage a love of letters, words and stories and will build confidence in all things phonics.

“Absolutely everything to do with their phonics has improved!”

Debi Wilkinson
Linton Mead Primary