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Make every lesson your best yet with DK Learning

  • Make every lesson your best yet with DK Learning

DK Learning is here! The new website makes accessing DK’s extensive range of curriculum-mapped resources simpler than ever.

Teachers and parents will love the coverage of key subject areas.

DK has been delighting readers for nearly 50 years with high-quality content. Many teachers have a fond association with DK books as they have experienced children’s joy of discovering the world within their pages.

The DK Learning website has been developed with educators to make every lesson their best yet. It allows busy teachers to easily search by curriculum area to find the resources to best suit their needs. 

The content includes a huge array of DK’s bestselling and award-winning books to engage children in their learning, and a wealth of free articles, case studies, classroom activities, links to DKfindout! content and lesson plans, accessible when teachers sign up for a free account.

The website is a one-stop shop for developing a broad and balanced curriculum experience.

DK Learning will also feature collections of titles with accompanying teacher guides and lesson plans, designed to support educators seeking to resource particular areas of the curriculum.

For example, working with Early Years educators, DK created a collection of titles perfect for aiding early learning and encouraging language development in any nursery or Reception setting.

These titles are accompanied by a guide and tips which detail how the collection can be used in support of the learning goals from the Early Years Foundation Phase Framework

The DKFindout! KS2 Science Pack includes five titles on popular science topics with six accompanying teacher sequences and the Black History Month Pack includes four biographies from the DK Life Stories series and Timelines from Black History with lesson sequences covering learning outcomes from the Key Stage 2 English and History curriculum.

DK Learning will feature more collections with accompanying teacher material to facilitate the use of DK’s titles by teachers in the classroom.

The teaching material is written by experienced educators and includes group and individual classroom activities, concept checking questions, web-based research activities, homework, ideas for extension and how to deal with fast finishers.

DK Learning will also feature inspiring case studies which provide insight into how educators are using DK resources within their classrooms and schools to support their teaching and children’s learning. 

Education has changed over the past two years with the shift to hybrid learning, whether it’s at home or in the classroom.

Parents have had greater visibility of what children are learning in school and have become more involved in their children’s learning.

They have looked for established and trusted sources of information as well as non-screen options to engage their children in learning.

DK Learning is designed to make it easier for parents to find titles which support the curriculum areas being covered in schools.

The website will be updated regularly with information about new titles, events, lesson plans and articles.

Updates will include links to bespoke content on the Kahoot! Quiz platform.

DK Learning is committed to supporting children on their learning journeys, wherever they may be.

By continuing to provide engaging and fun learning experiences, DK will always seek to expand children’s understanding of their world in and beyond the classroom and be ‘for the curious’.

Find out more on the DK Learning website or email