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How the Early Years Nutrition Partnership is Helping My Nursery

  • How the Early Years Nutrition Partnership is Helping My Nursery

Nicola Lansley, director, Stables Day Nursery, explains how the Early Years Nutrition Partnership is helping her setting.

It means we’re doing the right thing for the children

We always believed in healthy eating and felt we were doing a good job, but now we have been accredited we know we are, and we can shout about it too!

We have made great changes to our menus, the children are better hydrated, and the team are managing mealtimes brilliantly.

We have learned enough to know what a difference we are making to the children’s futures by prioritising nutrition and that is a great way to bring the team together.

We have support from a dedicated nutritionist

Nicola is amazing! We have two settings and they are in quite different areas, so our cohorts of children have different needs, and we face very different nutrition related challenges from parents in the two locations.

Nicola helped us think about how our needs differ across the two different settings, and we have always felt that she is 100% tailoring the programme to us. She has always been there to help and is understanding of the pressures on us and our changing needs.

It has helped us communicate with parents

Every day now, all of us on the team have so many conversations with parents about food, about what the children have eaten and how they have enjoyed mealtimes.

We are confident talking about it, and that helps relationships and that sense that we and the parents are working together.

To start with, some of our parents, weren’t sure about us making changes, but there is no doubt now that they are impressed – they really rave about our food which feels good!

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