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Think Write makes Handwriting Easier. Makes it Fun

  • Think Write makes Handwriting Easier. Makes it Fun

Hemispheres Think Write is the first cursive handwriting programme, developed by an occupational therapist, to be used in classrooms across the UK and internationally.

Think Write provides a school with a single framework to teach the skills needed for handwriting starting with pre-writing skills and ending with full cursive letters by the end of Year 2.

Think Write uses lovable animal characters to teach children the correct thinking skills, so they understand the rules for the height, size and spatial placement as well as formation all before they pick up a pencil.

The rules are taught through games and activities and then when they are ready, children are taught to apply their thinking to letter formation.

From three simple starting shapes, basic motor patterns for the 26 letters soon develop into recognised letters and transition into joined up words and sentences with little effort.

Think Write complements a child’s phonetic knowledge and helps them connect the letter form, sound with the written form.

Think Write can fit into any school, any budget offering schools a blend of print and interactive whiteboard technology so they can feel confident they are developing confident writers.
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