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The Advantages of Using Recycled Plastic in your School’s Outdoor Spaces

  • The Advantages of Using Recycled Plastic in your School’s Outdoor Spaces

Did you know that UK consumers use approximately 13 billion plastic drinks bottles per year?

Or that every person in the UK produces an average of 167lbs of plastic waste each year?

With these staggering figures and the global drive to reduce waste, it’s no wonder that products made from recycled plastic are becoming increasingly popular.

Not only do recycled plastic products provide longevity and zero maintenance, they also drastically help in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil and the amount of plastic pollution going to our ever-diminishing landfill sites – something we all want to see, not just for our own futures, but for the future of our children and subsequent generations.

Recycled furniture manufacturers NBB has been established for over 25 years and produces high-quality outdoor furniture and play equipment made from 100%-recycled plastic as part of the range.

Every item the company makes at its base in Poole, Dorset carries a 25-year guarantee and offers a maintenance-free, wipe-clean and splinter-free solution, ideal for your school or nursery.

“The benefits of recycled plastic significantly outweigh traditional timber. All our products are manufactured using 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene, a material typically used in products such as milk bottles, plastic bags and bottle lids. When recycled it is extremely hardwearing and looks great.”

Martyn Bright
Managing Director, NBB Recycled Furniture

The company’s website offers a wide range of outdoor furniture, play and fencing products, all designed with children and school facilities in mind.

Another new inclusion is the Junior Octagonal Picnic Table. Based on a bestselling design for adults, the table has been reduced in size to suit children and bears the same colourful appeal as the Buddy Bench, First Mate Play Boat and Story-Telling Chair. 

The NBB Recycled Furniture team is continually reviewing and adding to the range of outdoor play equipment.

With sandpits, activity tables, springers, play trains and mud tables to name but a few, you can make your playground visually inviting while having the confidence that it will stand the test of time against the elements and your toughest little players.

Bundle deals to save your budget
NBB Recycled Furniture understands the tough budget constraints educational facilities face, so it has put together some incredible bundle deals and offers free delivery to UK mainland addresses, saving you hundreds of pounds on the initial outlay.

As all NBB Recycled Furniture products require absolutely no maintenance and will last for years to come, the cost savings are continuous.

Download free educational posters for your school
NBB Recycled Furniture has designed two recycling posters to help with educating both children and adults on the recycling loop and the types of plastics commonly used in everyday items. Visit to download your free-of-charge copy.

Request a free sample
For your peace of mind NBB Recycled Furniture offers a free sample service. Simply click the free sample link at and NBB will send you a piece of the recycled plastic material used in the manufacture of all products.

Prefer a catalogue?
NBB Recycled Furniture knows the purchase process can involve several members of your school management team. To make the process as easy as possible, a catalogue has been produced and can be requested at Schools are encouraged to only request a small quantity of catalogues to save any unnecessary paper waste.

Bespoke designs
If you are looking for something a little different, why not let NBB Recycled Furniture design and manufacture to your specific requirements? This may include adding your school crest to an activity table or creating easy-clean, durable lunch tables and benches. Whatever your brief, NBB Recycled Furniture can work with you to make your design a reality.

For more information about NBB Recycled Furniture, its products or services visit: or call 0800 1777 052.

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