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Unlock the potential for learning in the early years with TTS Talking: FREE CPD training

  • Unlock the potential for learning in the early years with TTS Talking: FREE CPD training

At TTS, we’re passionate about improving learning outcomes for children worldwide.

We understand the importance of early education, and celebrate and support the vital role that practitioners, childminders, and nursery managers play in the early years.

Professional development is paramount to delivering quality education, and we are dedicated to supporting practitioners through the introduction of our FREE CPD training.

Our series of CPD accredited educational podcasts and assessments aim to deliver pedagogical insights and practical guidance to support early years educators with subject knowledge, planning, and personal development opportunities.

About our CPD content

Our online CPD Training Hub offers a diverse selection of 15 CPD courses, with new courses introduced monthly, addressing essential topics.

Each course consists of four engaging 20-minute podcasts available on popular platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and our CPD hub.

These insightful conversations are led by industry-renowned experts, providing practical guidance, inspiration, and valuable subject knowledge for early years educators.

Each CPD course includes a downloadable assessment to evaluate learning and provide opportunities to reflect.

For every course you complete, you have the opportunity to request a CPD accredited certificate to recognise your commitment to your profession and the children you educate.

This certificate is equivalent to one hour of CPD training and signifies not just your learning, but also your dedication to excellence in early years education.

Benefits for early years educators

Flexible and Convenient Learning
We know that practitioners are time-poor and budgets are tighter than ever before, which is why we have developed short bursts of helpful and inspirational content wrapped up into 20-minute episodes.

The podcasts and assessment materials can be accessed at your convenience, allowing you to fit your learning around your schedule.

It’s a quick, impactful, and convenient way to enhance your expertise, and the best part is, it’s completely free!

Valuable learning opportunities
Our CPD courses are not just about ticking boxes; they’re about enriching your teaching journey.

Each topic offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of your chosen topic around early years education.

Uncover valuable insights and techniques that will add tremendous value to your daily practice. Our experts share their wisdom and experience to help you make an impact in your setting.

Empowering you to implement changes
Reflect on the knowledge you’ve acquired and understand how it can positively influence your teaching and, ultimately, the development of the children in your care.

Armed with insights from industry experts, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed recommendations for your practice, ensuring that it evolves with the times.

What our listeners have to say

“I love listening to the TTS talking podcast during my PPA time, giving me a bitesize snippet of CPD. The episodes give me a chance to reflect upon my own practice as well as practical games and advice.” - Hayley Winter, All About Early Years

“Wow, what a great series of podcasts. I have listened to series 1 - Outdoor Learning in the Early Years. So easy to listen, nice and short bitesize podcasts easy to fit into our busy daily lives providing lots of hints and top tips.”Samantha Goldsworthy, Sam Goldsworthy Childminding

Ready to get started?

Explore three series of CPD accredited educational podcasts and assessments available now:

1. Enriching Learning Opportunities Outdoors: Dive into the benefits of nature-based pedagogy with CPD topics covering forest schools, sustainability, and outdoor learning environments.

2. Developing Key Skills Through Play: Discover how play nurtures essential skills and knowledge in early years, with focuses such as role play, language development and intergenerational practice.

3. Inclusive Practice in the Early Years: Learn how to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all children.

Our expert guests cover important topics such as inclusive practice, gender, neurodiversity, and more.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey of professional development? It all starts with a click.

Visit our CPD Training Hub, explore our TTS Talking podcasts, and unlock a world of knowledge and inspiration at