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Constructa Den – An Exercise in Listening and Learning

  • Constructa Den – An Exercise in Listening and Learning

Inspiration in our business very often comes from primarily observing our own children playing and exploring the world as they grow.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all, that our best creations for Educational Advantage have coincided with the fact that the creative talent in our company, all have young children at this time.

It was a revelation to me when my own children were small, and were learning to crawl and explore, that I realised how unsafe our house was… every corner of a table became a potential hazard, every door jamb a finger trap, and every plug socket an electrical danger point, and this was just the start of things; they hadn’t even stood up yet.

On the other hand, our children are seeing every new piece of furniture, every blanket, every corner and every nook, as a potential new adventure.

I found my three children covering two chairs with a blanket and putting their teddies and dolly inside.

I challenged them about what they were doing, and got three answers, ‘It’s a secret den daddy, a classroom, and a hiding place…’. I learned quickly that a cardboard box was so much more than just a box… It’s a cave, a car, a time machine.

Something as simple as a cardboard box can be so multi-faceted in the eyes and hands of our children.

Yet we seem to bombard them with things that are one dimensional, like a toy car, an astronaut, a tool box, it’s no wonder that we frequently hear the common complaint that, they spend more time playing with the boxes they come in rather than the toys themselves.

I am aware that this may seem like stating the obvious to any person who has been lucky enough to watch toddlers explore and grow, but we are inspired to find the ideas that will fuel the imaginations of our young children and allow them to play, explore and create.

So, the Constructa Den was born. The den can be anything you want it to be. We have a guide in every set, but the key word here is, guide; it’s just a guide, a picture guide that will give our youngsters ideas to get them started, but the real creativity comes from them.

It’s easy to use, and will go together very quickly, and if you make a mistake, no problem, take it apart and start again.

Playing, as we all know, is so important, playing learning and creating together is a very desirable way to watch our children pass the time, and we are truly grateful to observe the den fuelling these kinds of activities.

To say we are delighted with the feedback received for this product would be an understatement, we are more than pleasantly surprised as sales have surpassed all of our expectations, and to receive the prestigious award from Teach Early Years catalogue is close to the ultimate accolade, and a vindication of the power of listening and learning from our children.

Constructa Den is a 5-star award winning product that will stimulate young minds.

It supports multilayered learning and allows children to explore early STEM concepts.

Perfect for use indoors or out, Constructa Den is open-ended and suitable from 2 years and above. Create boats, houses, dens or sheds. The role play possibilities are endless.

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