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Back-to-School Survival Kit – Teacher Edition

  • Back-to-School Survival Kit – Teacher Edition

The Semester has just started, are you overwhelmed by teaching new students and maybe even new subjects?

Are you looking for something to spice up the classroom and your teaching vibes?

Check out some wonderful teaching resources CS Kids has prepared for you.

The company offers a vast range of Essential Early Years Back to School Teaching Resources that will not only assist you in teaching, but also

  • Reinforce children’s positive behaviour so that you can have an easier time in the classroom, and also help children set the right path on learning
  • Encourage learning and critical thinking with our fun educational resources
  • Create a more-vibrant classroom with colourful decorations

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As CS Kids is always passionate in educating children, it has held workshops in Hong Kong for children to play with its educational and creativity-inducing toys, including STEM Building Blocks, DIY Sewing Doll and Key Chain Kits, DIY Night Lamps etc.

Take a look at the videos below to find out more!

STEM Learning Blocks

Magic World Sewing Dolls and Key Chains which complement Montessori Education

Magic World Night Lamps

Like many parents and teachers, CS Kids believes in cultivating a positive learning attitude in children and encouraging positive behaviour as fundamental parts of their holistic development.

That is why it offers one-of-a-kind early years and primary teaching resources which make learning fun and exciting.

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