Florentine and Pig Have a Very Lovely Picnic

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It must be said, there is a fine line between delightfully sweet and whimsical, and teeth-hurtingly twee – happily, Eva Katzler’s ‘Florentine and Pig’ brand (as well as this, the first in a projected series of titles, there’s a thriving online presence and, it seems, a forthcoming album, too) manages to stay just on the right side of it. Mostly. Katzler’s mission is to encourage parents, carers and children to get creative together, with a particular emphasis on learning about healthy eating through cooking. So, as well as a funny (and gorgeously illustrated) story in its own right, this book contains six genuinely great and original recipes that are perfect for miniature chefs, plus instructions on how to make pretty bunting. So now that the weather is finally warming up, why not plan a Very Lovely Picnic of your own?