Bonjour! Madame Le Bonbon

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Bonjour! Madame Le Bonbon, written by Alison Bourchier and illustrated by Pip Falkner-Lee, is a fun first French story for young children aged 2–6 years. Unlike many foreign language learning resources it incorporates French words into a story that is told in English – a range of words are introduced in the tale, which children will soon pick up, and a French-English word list is included at the front of the book so that their learning can be extended.

Topics covered in this title include:

  • greetings and introductions;
  • saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’;
  • counting to 10.

Bonjour! Madame Le Bonbon! is ideal for sharing with young children being introduced to French for the first time, and comes in a large (A4) format that is well suited to classroom use.

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