Under 2s

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  • Engaging reads

    There are simple yet effective ways to help your youngest children make the most of story time, says Alison Davies… For young…

    Subject: Best practice

    Author: Alison Davies

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  • Baby bookworms

    Alison Davies explores the myriad benefits of reading to your youngest children, and explains how to go about creating the perfect…

    Subject: Literacy

    Author: Alison Davies

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  • Talking to Babies From Birth to Nine Months

    The support of children’s language development must start from their earliest days, and nursery practitioners have a vital role to play,…

    Subject: Communication

    Author: Marion Nash

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  • Musical Activities for Babies

    Stimulating musical experiences will benefit many aspects of your babies’ development, says Sam Dixon… The benefits of musical experiences in the early…

    Subject: Music

    Author: Sam Dixon

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  • How to Observe and Assess Babies in Nursery Settings

    In the concluding part of her series on the care of the under-twos, Ann Clare explains how practitioners can plan, observe…

    Subject: Baby rooms

    Author: Ann Clare

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