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Do you have a music licence in your nursery?

  • Do you have a music licence in your nursery?

Nurseries all over the UK can gain full use of PRS for Music’s 14.7 million-strong repertoire for just £40 a year.

Who is PRS for Music?
PRS for Music is a society of around 110,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers – its members. It represents the rights of these members (and the members of roughly 150 affiliated societies in nearly 100 countries around the world) by licensing organisations to play, perform or make available music. It then distributes royalties to those members and societies fairly and efficiently.

PRS for Music has been providing music licences to businesses that play music for customers, employees or both for more than 100 years. The exciting bit is that not only is music benefiting businesses but it also plays a vital role in the creation of new music, because nearly 90% of all the money collected goes back to PRS for Music’s members (and the rest on its running costs). That’s nearly 210,000 businesses working with PRS for Music, helping to secure the future of great music.

Why music matters
Music in all organisations is really important and is one of the factors that defines a brand. Music in early years settings has an even more vital role as it soundtracks kids’ play and contributes greatly to their happiness and fun.But it’s not only the kids that benefit – staff and visitors to a nursery are all impacted by the music played: it can make staff feel invigorated and happy, and visitors welcome and included.

PRS for Music, with fellow music licensing organisation PPL, has looked at how music impacts businesses in various sectors in its MusicWorks research, which can be found at

Where does the money go?
PRS for Music’s main role is to collect royalties on behalf of nearly 110,000 members behind the 14.7 million works in its repertoire. There are a number of different methods to track the music being played in different environments, such as surveys on businesses, tracking radio play and receiving set list information from live venues. This allows PRS for Music to distribute as accurately and efficiently as possible and in 2014, PRS for Music processed 250 billion items of music usage to distribute its royalties.

A new tariff for nurseries
PRS for Music is currently in the process of simplifying its 44 Public Performance Tariffs and the nurseries tariff was the first to benefit from the simplification programme. Working with NDNA, PRS for Music has created a single flat-rate tariff of £40 a year that allows nurseries all over the UK full use of PRS for Music’s 14.7 million-strong repertoire for play, and reduced the administrative burden previous involved. You can purchase a licence today at

In November 2015,PRS for Music offered one lucky nursery the chance to win a live Peppa Pig experience, which includes storytelling, singsongs, and a meet-and-great with Peppa and friends.Each entrant received a free Peppa Pig digital play pack and the lucky winner will be meeting Peppa in January 2016.