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Award-Winning Products, Developed by Hope Education

  • Award-Winning Products, Developed by Hope Education

Chatter Clouds – 5 star winner, Communication, Language & Literacy Category

What are Chatter clouds?

Ideal for developing communication, language and listening skills. Chatter Clouds are handheld devices that record and play-back 40 seconds of high-quality audio. They have a wipe clean surface and a spring clip and magnet on the back, making them ideal for displaying work.

Why were Chatter Clouds created?

The EYFS states that children need to be given opportunities to speak and listen in a range of situations to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves. Chatter clouds were created to give children just that. Children can use the clouds on their own to practice speaking clearly as they have the ability to instantly here their voice back, helping build recognition of language a and correct mistakes themselves. We designed them with a wipe-clean surface, so children can practice their writing skills, they can listen to a word and then use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds.

How do chatter clouds aid children and practitioners?

Chatter clouds make developing communication and language skills fun. Children will love pressing the front and get excited to hear the pre-recorded messages. By then mimicking what they hear, they are developing key skills without even realising. They make teaching in a busy setting easier. Practitioners can set up tasks and attend to other children, confident that the children can self-serve their learning.

What makes Chatter Clouds different?

Chatter clouds are incredibly versatile and can be used for both child or practitioner led activities. They have a 40 second recording time which is significantly longer than other recording devices, allowing children time to process their thoughts before speaking and ensuring they speak clearly. It has a dry-wipe surface that can be used to detail an activity or simply to write a word before recording the sound, helping children decode words using their phonic knowledge. Another feature is that they have both a spring clip and a magnet on the back, meaning they can be attached to different surfaces, indoor and out.

You can find out more about Chatter Clouds here.

E.a.R.L- 3 star winner, Early exploration Category

What is E.a.R.L?

E.a.R.L is our newly developed floor robot, designed for easy robotic learning. It was created by to encourage directional language and general language development. The aim was to create a resource that children could enjoy, learn from and use easily.

Why was E.a.R.L created?

Packed full of features to enhance learning, E.a.R.L has everything a child needs for the perfect coding and programming learning journey. It is the ideal stepping-stone for children who are learning about basic cause and effect, coding and programming topics. With the inclusion of easy-to-use buttons, children can begin to control him using his four direction arrows and “Go” button.

How does E.a.R.L aid children and practitioners?

E.a.R.L can help to teach key areas of the EYFS, whilst introducing the concept of technology in an engaging, fun and effortless way. E.a.R.L comes with a set of ready-to-teach resources, so getting to grips with initial lessons is ideal for practitioners and teachers with limited coding experience

We also offer a huge range of supporting mats, which help take the cross-curricular learning further. For literacy, there are a range of mats to help bring phonics and the alphabet to life, using E.a.R.L to teach this subject can enhance children’s engagement, improving their understanding of letters and words. When you bring E.a.R.L into maths, there a re also a range of counting and shape mats to help children to better visualise numbers, values, shapes and sums.

With lights and sounds, E.a.R.L will fascinate children. Not only does the robot make sounds when it arrives at its location, it also provides the option to record your own sounds and play them back. E.a.R.L has a transparent body, allowing children to see inside it and understand further how it works.

What do practitioners think of E.a.R.L?

“E.a.R.L is so sturdy and durable. I love that you can see inside to really understand and visualise how it works. E.a.R.L provides the perfect starting point for coding and programming.

We found the sounds great to help children know how many times they’d pressed each button and really loved the sound it made when he arrived at the destination.

E.a.R.L was easy to use but still provided a good challenge… it has really helped children with directional language, and now they are really starting to use words like, left, right, forwards and backwards.

I would highly recommend E.a.R.L for durability, ease of use for children and I think it makes learning fun!”

You can find out more about E.A.R.L here.