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How TickiT products fire children’s imagination to inspire learning

  • How TickiT products fire children’s imagination to inspire learning

TickiT® products are designed to inspire, engage and educate by encouraging inquiry-led learning for children of all ages and abilities. The varied range can be used to enable a child’s naturally inquisitive nature to flourish, and help them to develop independent learning skills. 

Our products are developed in-house, alongside specialist advisors from the early years, primary years and special educational needs sectors. We design our innovative range with a focus to always ensure that each product delivers the objectives of motivating interest and developing core skills in key subject areas.

As such, TickiT® resources have been widely used for child-led learning in nurseries and schools around the world for over 20 years.

Engaging educational toys

Through a combination of being appealing, absorbing and timeless, good educational toys should be both durable and adaptable to different levels of ability.

By providing mental stimulation for children through all their stages of learning, they can help be prepared for their next developmental phase – whether that be starting at nursery, pre-school, primary school or for home-learning.

With the Easy Hold range, children over 12 months can independently discover the wonderful effects of colourful, glittery or glow-in-the-dark panels, as well as different mirrors and magnifiers.

The Rainbow Wooden Loose Parts collection is designed for young children to explore diversely shaped objects and their properties – whilst older children can use the same sets to develop their skills in construction, small world play, sorting, stacking and sequencing.

TickiT’s wooden small world play sets, such as the Wooden Animal Friends, Space Adventure or Enchanted Figures, are ideal for using with the Wooden Architect sets: wonderful resources for allowing children to express their creative side through story-telling and make-believe.

Sensory Blocks and Rainbow Blocks are signature TickiT products with an appeal for all ages, providing interesting and varied learning opportunities.

Discover the different properties of the fillings in the Sensory Blocks, learn to colour mix with the Rainbow Blocks, and begin to understand shape, space and use logical thinking when stacking and building towers.

Threading toys present an important developmental activity for young children, helping them to improve their fine motor skills – a useful skill for confidently handling a pencil and beginning to mark-make or write. Rainbow Wooden Keys come with a threading string, and are a delightful way for young children to learn counting and numbers.

Stackable Translucent Buttons or Translucent Lacing Geometrics will provide an engaging activity that combines manual dexterity with maths, such as counting the pieces as they are threaded, or adding them in a sequence based on their colour or shape. 

My Emotions Wooden Tiles are the latest addition to our health & wellbeing resources and are also part of our best-selling Wooden Picture Blocks range. These open-ended and durable wooden tiles feature detailed colour photographic images of children showing different emotions and are designed to help support young learners in identifying and communicating feelings or moods.

Read our case study about Exploring Emotions in the Early Years.

Sensory toys are a vital addition to the nursery setting when a calming or engaging activity is called for: Sensory Ooze Tubes or the Glitter Storm sets are fascinating to watch, as the colourful ooze spirals to the bottom of the tubes or the shiny metallic flakes twinkle in the clear liquid.

Our popular Sensory Reflective range is made from tough, shiny stainless steel with sets available in a variety of colours, sizes and with different sound or movement characteristics. Sensory Mood Lights come in a range of shapes and sizes: create a soothing or relaxing atmosphere in a dark den or sensory room by selecting the colour best suited to a special topic or mood.

Sustainable products

The sustainability of our range is important. We are working hard to keep improving this and every year we make progress in reducing our waste, using more recycled and recyclable materials, and – most importantly – creating products which last.

● TickiT products are certified non-toxic, including the use of water-based paints and stains.

● All solid wood sourced for our range comes from ethically and sustainably managed forests and plantations.

● We use soy ink in our guides and leaflets which is biodegradable and makes paper recycling more efficient.

● TickiT product boxes and our packing boxes are made from minimum 75% recycled material and are fully recyclable.

● The TickiT range is tested to the latest European and International standards for consumer products and toy safety.

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