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The Tag Strap – walking kids safely

  • The Tag Strap – walking kids safely
  • The Tag Strap – walking kids safely
  • The Tag Strap – walking kids safely
  • The Tag Strap – walking kids safely

The Tag Strap is a high visibility safety walking aid specifically designed to take groups of primary and nursery aged children out and about.

The unique safety device allows up to 10 children (age dependent) and 2 supervising adults to link on a high visibility strap.

How the Tag Strap works

  • Each child wears an individual, secure, anti-bacterial wrist tag.
  • Each wrist tag simply slides on to the reflective master strap
  • The adult supervisors hold either end of the mater strap, safe in the knowledge that the children are connected securely.
  • The Tag Strap makes it easier and safer to manage groups of children on outings.

Why use the Tag Strap ?

  • It helps keep the group together.
  • Helps prevent any child from running into danger or onto the road.
  • Reduces the risks of potential incidents.
  • Makes the group more visible to motorists.
  • Encourages more outdoor classes and educational walks/trips.
  • Makes outings less stressful for you and therefore more enjoyable for the kids.

Quality & Safety Reassurance

Designed and made in the UK, Tag Strap has been through numerous product safety tests and has been proven to conform to European Safety Standard – BS EN 13210:2004

What our lovely customers say

“The tagstrap is a brilliant idea, the children are safely secured to the main strap. we use ours on nearly every adventure round our local village.” Ducklings Pre School, Norfolk

“We are pleased to be able to purchase a second tag strap.  We have a full capacity of 21 children and the straps enable us to go out for walks in the village without having to increase our adult ratio to children.  It keeps the children safe – I prefer tag straps to other systems as children have more freedom when walking together.  If one trips they do not pull the other children over, they are simple to put on and the children don’t object to the system at all. “ Rothienorman Pre School, Aberdeenshire

 “The service I received from your company was excellent, I needed the straps urgently and I called the company prior to placing the order, they provided me with helpful information about the delivery and I was reassured to place the order and I received the items as stated by the company.  The straps have been very user friendly and we have been able to put them to good use by taking large numbers of children out of the nursery, knowing that we are keeping them safe.” Kila Patel – Childrens Corner day Nursery, London

“As manager of a children’s nursery, I came across the tag strap while searching for outdoor safety equipment online. The tag strap enables staff to take up to ten children outwith the nursery grounds using the safe and secure high vis tag strap, with staff supervision. This has enabled us to further develop children’s curricular experiences out with the nursery setting and become more involved with the local community.” Jennifer Connolly, Villa Kindergarten, Clydebank

 “When we purchased our Tag Strap we had been looking for a safe and easy to use way of taking the children in our care for a walk in and around our local area and as our centre is on a busy main road the Tagstrap suited our needs perfectly, the children are happy to use it and our staff have peace of mind know that all the children are secure.” Pat Irvine, Fossoway Pre-School Group

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We have 3 different Tag Strap Kits available to suit your different needs and budgets.
Tag Strap Kit1 includes the main strap, 10 x wrist tags and a hold all bag - £44.95
Tag Strap Kit 2 includes Kit 1 plus 2 x Adult hi-vis jackets - £ 56.95
Tag Strap Kit 3 includes Kit 2 plus 10 x kids hi-vis jackets - £106.95

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