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Little Feet, Big Change

  • Little Feet, Big Change

Living Streets is launching Little Feet, a walking activity for children aged 2 – 5 years old.

Did you know that nine in 10 children aged 2-4 years old do not meet recommended daily activity levels? Who better than Living Streets, the charity for everyday walking to put an end to this by developing a new walking activity for children, introducing Little Feet?

Little Feet aims to get little ones active through fun and engaging activities. The resource features games to complete with parents or carers on their walk to or from the early years setting; linking learning to the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and Ofsted descriptors.

The initiative will provide an enjoyable and educational way for children to learn all about the importance of walking, at the same time as forming a healthy habit that will stay with them onto primary school.

How does it work?

Children and their families will walk their way around Little Feet classroom journey maps by adding a sticker every time they walk to or from their setting (cycling and scooting count too!).

There will be different walking milestones and talking points to reach along the way as well as games to complete. With two themed activities to take part in each year, Little Feet’s classroom journey maps, stickers and educational games are designed to reward families for their walking journey and walking successes.

“The sticker incentive really worked, children were lining up to add their sticker each day and loved putting the big ‘people’ stickers on.

Lesley Mailey – Early Years Professional

It is simple to run, children love taking part and it builds a shared responsibility and partnership between early years staff and families. All it takes is a few minutes a day to promote the benefits of being active with little ones to make a big difference.

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More benefits of Little Feet for your early year setting

Living Streets has carried out a successful pilot of Little Feet in 25 early years settings across the UK, during the course of 2017. Here are some impressive results and findings:

• 70% of teachers found it easy to use in the classroom
• 88% of teachers found the resource to be age appropriate
• Supports the EYFS framework and Ofsted descriptors
• Promotes school readiness
• Instils healthy habits for life

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