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Everyone Loves A Baby! – A New Nativity from Out of the Ark Music

  • Everyone Loves A Baby! – A New Nativity from Out of the Ark Music

Everyone Loves A Baby! is a fantastic new Nativity that comes complete with everything you need to put on a five-star performance…

At a glance

  • A brand new Nativity for 3–7-year-olds
  • Contains seven new songs written by best-selling songwriters
  • Extensive support materials, including cross-curricular activities, teaching tips and dance/craft videos
  • All songs and resources are available via bespoke software
  • A bonus, extended script suitable for 5–9-year-olds can be downloaded for free.

Out of the Ark Music is the go-to place for any teacher looking for off-the-shelf assembly and seasonal singing resources and productions that are great quality, full of fun, topical and uplifting.

Just take one of the latest offerings – a sparkling Christmas production that has ‘Smash Hit – Five Stars!’ written all over it: Everyone Loves A Baby!

The thing is, not everyone is hardwired to dote over a new baby, especially children. This is the situation at a Bethlehem inn where six siblings live with their parents.

When they discover that mum and dad have had a new baby, Sue, Boo, Prue, Lou, Hugh and Stu aren’t impressed. They’d rather have a dog, donkey or camel than more noise, smell and gushy baby talk.

Their solution is to seek out their friend Bill – a shepherd boy who lives on the hillside, but along the way they bump into a young couple called Mary and Joseph.

I won’t spoil the story, but the children weren’t able to escape all the baby stuff!

This Nativity has 25 speaking parts and a running time of around 30 minutes. To help get your production performance-ready, the resource comes with a Teacher’s Book, audio CD, Words on Screen CD-ROM and an annual performance licence.

That’s a complete Nativity play ready to stage with packages starting from £23.95!

The Teacher’s Book is a dynamic ‘kitchen sink’ resource, containing the character list, creative script with staging directions, suggestions for staging and props, excellent cross-curricular ideas, costume suggestions, percussion ideas, the score and song lyrics.

There are seven catchy songs to learn and perform, all demonstrated to an impressively high standard by the Out of the Ark children’s choir, supported by professional backing tracks.

‘Come To The Stable’ will bring a tear to the eyes of a few parents whilst ‘Happy Shepherds’ is guaranteed to have everyone chuckling in the aisles.

The Words on Screen resource is a real boon, making it much easier for everyone to join in and readily supporting your practice and rehearsal times.

There are also enhanced operation features, including being able to hear and teach a single line – essential for polishing your performance to perfection. And this is a polished resource, with uncompromisingly high production values.

It’s one you’ll be able to rely on for staging an emotional and exciting musical, and also one that offers some welcome originality – this is the Nativity with a twist, as there aren’t many productions that approach the familiar tale from the perspective of children.

The verdict

  • A feel-good festive hit that children and their families will love
  • Funny, charming and heartwarming throughout
  • Packed with creativity and an exciting take on the traditional Christmas story
  • A great-value, professional production

Upgrade if…

You are looking for a musical masterpiece to add sparkle to the festive season that will get the whole school singing and celebrating in style.

Reviewed by John Dabell