Learning and Development

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  • The Road to Writing: Physical Skills

    Sue Cowley explains how to help children develop the fundamental skills they will need as they set out on this exciting…

    Subject: Literacy

    Author: Sue Cowley

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  • Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

    This Indian festival offers practitioners a great chance to emphasise the value of strong sibling relationships, says Linda Mort… Raksha Bandhan is…

    Subject: Festivals and celebrations

    Author: Linda Mort

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  • Art Activities for Summer

    Judith Harries has some inspiring, seasonal suggestions for activities to stretch little ones’ creativity and spark their imaginations… In the EYFS framework,…

    Subject: Activities

    Author: Judith Harries

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  • Maths in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage

    With mathematics now confirmed as a ‘specific’ area of learning within the revised EYFS framework, Judith Stevens looks at what this…

    Subject: Revised EYFS framework: Maths

    Author: Judith Stevens

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  • The Montessori Method: Number Names

    How should we introduce basic mathematical concepts in a care setting? Let Barbara Isaacs count the ways… Many children know number names…

    Subject: Montessori Method

    Author: Barbara Isaacs

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