Learning and Development

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  • Early Years Topic: Weather

    Pull on a mac, put up your brolly and sound the foghorn as Wendy Bowkett carries out an early years exploration…

    Subject: Topics

    Author: Wendy Bowkett

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  • The Montessori Method: Numeracy with Shapes

    Exploring shapes is the perfect introduction to mathematical learning, says Barbara Isaacs… Long before children are ready for formal instruction in arithmetic…

    Subject: Montessori Method

    Author: Barbara Isaacs

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  • Tales from The Totem Pole: 1-2 years

    Award-winning trainer Mary Barlow looks at the world from the perspective of a child in their second year of life… Toby has…

    Subject: Age 1-2 years

    Author: Mary Barlow

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  • Learning New Languages

    Eleanor Johnson and Angela Sterling explain why broadening children’s horizons beyond their native tongues can support their development across the EYFS… There’s…

    Subject: MFL

    Author: Eleanor Johnson & Angela Sterling

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  • P4C: Activities to get Children Thinking

    Sara Stanley concludes her series on philosophical learning in the early years with three group activities certain to get children thinking… In…

    Subject: Thinking skills

    Author: Sara Stanley

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