Learning and Development

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  • The Montessori Method: Encouraging Independence

    Barbara Isaacs offers ideas on fostering children’s independence and sense of responsibility in nursery settings… Children attending Montessori settings are encouraged to…

    Subject: The Montessori Method

    Author: Barbara Isaacs

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  • Creating Child-led Wall Displays

    Master the art of child-led display and you can enhance your setting and children’s learning in one fell swoop, says Kirstine…

    Subject: Displays

    Author: Kirstine Beeley

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  • Making Treasure Baskets

    Sue Gascoyne explains how to make irresistible treasure baskets that will spark endless hours of sensory play… During a visit to a…

    Subject: Play

    Author: Sue Gascoyne

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  • Musical Movement

    In the second of four articles, Susan Young explores the potential of dance and other forms of musical movement in early…

    Subject: Dance

    Author: Susan Young

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  • Getting Constructive with Maths

    Carole Skinner explains how practising construction skills can give children a solid foundation in numeracy… Young children love designing, making and building…

    Subject: Maths

    Author: Carole Skinner

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