Learning and Development

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  • Learning New Languages

    Eleanor Johnson and Angela Sterling explain why broadening children’s horizons beyond their native tongues can support their development across the EYFS… There’s…

    Subject: MFL

    Author: Eleanor Johnson & Angela Sterling

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  • P4C: Activities to get Children Thinking

    Sara Stanley concludes her series on philosophical learning in the early years with three group activities certain to get children thinking… In…

    Subject: Thinking skills

    Author: Sara Stanley

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  • Celebrating Japanese Children’s Day

    There’s plenty to excite and educate your children about Japanese Children’s Day, says Linda Mort… One of the most popular national holidays…

    Subject: Festivals and celebrations

    Author: Linda Mort

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  • Early Years Topic: Wood

    Wendy Bowkett reveals how any setting can organise a host of tree-based fun and learning opportunities… We had reached the stage in…

    Subject: Activities

    Author: Wendy Bowkett

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  • Fostering Calculating Skills

    Get your children adding and subtracting with confidence with Judith Stevens’ guide to calculating in the early years… In the EYFS mathematical…

    Subject: Maths

    Author: Judith Stevens

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