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  • Sustained Shared Thinking: Part 2

    Kathy Brodie explains how to embed Sustained Shared Thinking in your setting…

    In this article, I will be exploring some of the ways…

    Subject: Communication

    Author: Kathy Brodie

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  • Sustained Shared Thinking: Part 1

    Kathy Brodie explores the value of Sustained Shared Thinking, a powerful tool available to every early years practitioner…

    Sustained Shared Thinking (SST) is…

    Subject: Communication

    Author: Kathie Brodie

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  • Staff Meetings

    Getting your team together to share new ideas and develop good practice costs nothing and can make measurable improvements to…

    Subject: Professional development

    Author: Kirstine Beeley

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  • How to Design Your Own Training Sessions - Part 4

    It’s important to know how effective your training has been before making plans for next time, says Wendy Whittaker-Large…

    The last piece in the…

    Subject: Training

    Author: Wendy Whittaker-Large

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  • Reflective practice: Part 2

    The Pre-school Learning Alliance’s Melanie Pilcher considers the everyday opportunities for reflection that early years practitioners should be taking advantage of…

    In my…

    Subject: Reflective practice

    Author: Melanie Pilcher

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