School for Bandits

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    Random House
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Mr and Mrs Raccoon are absolutely at their wits’ end. Although their son, Ralph, looks perfectly normal, his behaviour is disturbingly strange; he’s polite, helpful, clean and tidy, for a start. How on earth will he ever become a great raccoon bandit like Grandpa Cutlass or Uncle Whiskers? In order to teach him some bad manners, Ralph is sent to bandit school, where he fails to impress the teachers and his peers, as he can’t seem to help but stick with his gentle and considerate ways - until a dastardly holiday homework challenge allows him accidentally to demonstrate how mischief doesn’t pay. Not nearly as sickly as it could be, thanks to author Hannah Shaw’s delightfully wicked illustrations, this is as neat and enjoyable a case for saying ‘please’ as any early years educator could desire.