Puddles and the Christmas Play

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Puddles longs for a part in the Christmas play.  “But there are no cats in the Christmas play,” the Sunday School teacher tells her.  On each Sunday of Advent
Puddles watches the children practise and wishes she could join in.  And then the day of the play arrives and Puddles’ help is needed!
Is this the chance of playing a part that Puddles has been waiting for…?

With its wonderfully big, bold, colourful illustrations and simple engaging text, this book soon becomes a firm favourite with children in early years settings

Puddles and the Christmas Play is the third in a series of big books which introduce very young children to aspects of the Christian faith.  The series fully supports the new People and Communities section of the 2012 EYFS curriculum and the accompanying comprehensive free planning material illustrates a wealth of cross-curricular activities that can follow on from the story.

Fabulous soft toy characters are also available to accompany the books.  The adorable soft toy Puddles cat makes the perfect class pet and loves to go home with the children at the weekend and return to tell of her adventures.  The Reverend Freddie Fisher stands 43cm tall and children just love to dress him in his four different sets of liturgical vestments.  Both characters are simply great for language and imaginative play.

Author, Gill Vaisey is a qualified teacher and now specialises in Early Years, Culture and Religious Education.  Gill regularly provides training for LAs, church dioceses, schools and nursery settings. 

Visit the Books@Press website to download the complete EYFS and RE planning material, save hours of time and be inspired by the wealth of cross-curricular opportunities.  View the full range of resources including the other books and characters in the Puddles and Freddie series, together with the wonderfully retold traditional Muslim stories about caring for the natural world.  There are also free electronic resources for use in your early years setting.