Oi Frog!

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    Hodder Children's Books
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Frogs should sit on logs; whether they like it or not. Why? Clearly, because cats sit on mats, gophers on sofas, gorillas on pillars, and dogs… well, you don’t want to know!

This hugely enjoyable piece of rhyming fun from master storyteller Kes Gray recently impressed the judging panel of Teach Primary magazine’s New Children’s Fiction Awards – running away with first place in the EYFS category. “It’s simply an absolute delight to read aloud with your child and became a firm bedtime favourite with my six-year-old daughter, Coco,” commented Radio 2’s Jo Whiley, who gave Gray’s book top marks in a range of criteria including breadth of appeal; opportunities for language play, discussion and learning; and effective use of illustration. “It was a fun read but also educational in terms of teaching spellings and phonetics while introducing her to new breeds of creatures and things they perched on! And I love Jim Field’s images, too - bright, clean and stylish.”