Donkey’s Story

  • Publisher
    The AnimAlphabet Music Company
  • Combining music and storytelling
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What a wonderful way for my 3 year old son to learn more about music.  Simple stories told by quirky animal characters brought to life with colourful illustrations.

As soon as we had read the story my son wanted to listen to the CD.  It is so refreshing to hear new Children’s music, which is modern, fun and includes clever lyrics which will be enjoyed by parents and children.  Just what I had hoped for when I knew it was written by two of the Hoosiers.

My son is already singing the AnimAlphabet Song and learning about musical notes without even realising it;

The parents notes were really useful as they help me to understand how the story and songs will help my son start to learn about music.

It is a great idea to have the story narration followed by a lullaby version of the theme song, great for bedtime;

Great value at £6.99.  We can’t wait for the next book.