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Start their Reading Journey with Reading Planet

  • Start their Reading Journey with Reading Planet

It is essential that we embed the right reading skills and an enjoyment of engaging with the written word from the beginning of children’s education.

Reading Planet’s Lift-off range of books fully prepares young children for reading. Essential early language skills are developed through familiar early years topics, themes and stories. Fiction and non-fiction books are paired together to fully explore the aspects from Letters and Sounds Phase One.

Polly Alford, EYFS Coordinator at Penn Wood Primary and Nursery School, uses Lift-off with her class: “As a Reception class teacher, it is really key for me to embed the right reading etiquette to set children up for the rest of the school year. Reading Planet is a fantastic route to ensuring this happens.”


These beautiful wordless books for Lilac band will develop initial vocabulary and communication skills. Young children will be encouraged to retell stories in their own words whilst learning the technical skills of handling and navigating a book.

Emma Mann, Reception teacher at Penn Wood Primary and Nursery School, said: “Reading Planet’s Lilac books really helped to develop our children’s vocabulary by encouraging the children to retell stories in their own words. We found them good to use both as a whole-class resource and in small groups.”

Lift-off First Words

Very early readers will explore the concept of segmenting and blending in these first words books for Lilac+ band. This unique series bridges the gap between wordless books and first sentences through familiar stories that use very simple language.

Looking for the next step?

Reading Planet’s Rocket Phonics range of books builds firms foundations in reading through fresh and fully decodable phonics. Practise phonic reading skills in context through a range of modern and colourful fiction and non-fiction books for Pink A to Orange band.

Emma Mann said: “We really like these simple, phonetically decodable stories. We teach each book over three sessions, so the children have multiple opportunities to develop their fluency, a key focus for us now. The pictures used are lovely and engaging and talking around the pictures develops children’s understanding and vocabulary. We introduce each book by recapping the sounds and teaching a selection of ‘speed words’ (key vocabulary) that the children might not be familiar with.”

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