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Review – Amazing Animal Tales by Anne Rooney

  • Review – Amazing Animal Tales by Anne Rooney

At a glance

  • Four new fact and fiction combined titles from an award-winning author
  • Brilliant illustrations help children engage with the animal kingdom
  • Interactive flap pages featuring fun facts
  • £7.99 softback, £11.99 hardback
  • Also available as ebooks

Classrooms need books that deal with exciting topics in a way that’s easy to get to grips with and hold interest.

One way of doing this is to mix and match fact and fiction so you are giving readers double the value and bridging the binary fiction/non-fiction distinction. 

Anne Rooney has written four new titles that are amazing animal tales with supporting facts to boot about some very special creatures.

This exciting and innovative new series follows baby animals’ incredible stories of survival.

Little Tiger, Baby Koala, Baby Owl and Baby Polar Bear are all heart-warming stories that are interspersed with double-page flaps that can be opened to reveal amazing animal facts with questions and challenges too.

These pages will engage children, get them more interested and asking more questions. 

What makes these books so appealing is their flexibility of use – children can read them as narratives with the flaps closed and enjoy them as stories or they can be read with the flaps open and combined into a fiction and non-fiction ‘hide and seek’ reading experience. 

The inclusion of these fact flaps is a simple one but very effective because they make the books more interactive and add an exciting element to the animal tale journey. 

The stories are all extremely well-written and penned by an experienced author who accurately pitches the text to an Early Years audience and their magic is that intersection where imagination and information meet. 

For example, in the Baby Koala book, children learn about the early life of a joey, her first explorations into the big wide world and the dangers surrounding her fragile existence from things such as predators and bushfires.

As children follow her explorations and learn how her mother protects her from harm, they also learn some fascinating facts about these aww-inducing marsupials along the way. 

Each of the books offers a further level of interaction with a challenge to spot creatures on each of the pages such as feathertail gliders or marching ants. 

The illustrations throughout the series build worlds of warmth and heart that will draw children in and keep them there as the artwork is stunning and of the highest quality. 

We often split books into fiction or non-fiction so it is really refreshing to see a series that combines both as it makes for a richer and fuller experience. 

No single book can speak to all readers which is why we need excellent fiction and non-fiction as well as titles that combine both genres and are also cross-curricular.

Sometimes the way to inspire children into a non-fictional topic may come in the form of a book that integrates elements of fiction.       

These titles fall into the category of books that are super-interesting and make reading worth the effort and provide an edifying feast for young brains. 

Fiction plays a crucial role in the development of imagination and childhood literacy but these books champion the power of fact meets fiction and bridges the mighty canyon that divides the two. 

These books are a great choice for Early Years children because they are a fun way to learn about the world and a clever way to get children excited about reading.

They offer a unique and engaging experience that can help kids learn to love reading.

Amazing Animal Tales will be a joy to read together again and again and are perfect for class use and the home learning environment.

The verdict

  • A crossover series that entertains, delights and informs in equal measure
  • Provides delightful narratives and amazing facts in one fell swoop
  • Expertly illustrated with carefully crafted texts to keep children’s attention focused
  • Offers children an interactive element to their reading experience
  • A great way to introduce young children to new topics and vocabulary words
  • Beautifully laid out and designed

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