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How to choose nursery management software – and stay cyber secure

  • How to choose nursery management software – and stay cyber secure

Streamlining and improving operations within early years (EY) childcare settings is always at the top of the agenda for managers because greater efficiency not only has a positive impact on staff but on the children and their parents too.

But when there are so many solutions and features on offer from different providers, picking the right software for your nursery can feel like a mammoth task.

So, where should you begin?

Here, Connect Childcare share some quickfire top tips to help you get started…

Draw up a wish list

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to nursery management software. Some nurseries may need help managing day-to-day bookings, while others may need report functionality to support their long-term planning.

By jotting your requirements down, when you do start looking at options, you have a key reference point.

Think about the future

Technology advances quickly, so it’s crucial to know that your investment will be able to support you not just now but further down the line too. ‘Will the platform receive regular updates and maintenance – how is this carried out?’, ‘Do I receive regular training?’ and ‘Is the tech scalable?’ are all crucial questions to ask providers before you commit to anything.

Consider ease of use and customisation

It may sound obvious, but this is vital in ensuring the solution you choose meets your needs. Nursery staff lead busy lives so it has to be quick and easy to access all the information you need – we say this should be a maximum of three clicks away!

Also, we know the requirements for a small nursery aren’t the same as a chain, so ask how much it can be tailored to your setting.

Don’t neglect cybersecurity

The government’s National Cyber Security Centre has recently published helpful advice on how EY settings can keep their data and devices protected from cyberattacks.

When deciding on software, make sure the tech you opt for meets the highest security standards, and that the provider has the relevant credentials and a dedicated team which ensures all your sensitive data stays private and protected.

Channel your inner detective

Rarely is there anything more powerful than word-of-mouth recommendations when it comes to influencing our buying habits. Therefore, to give yourself peace of mind, investigate how long the software provider has been operating, check out their website for customer testimonials, and ask if you can have a list of contactable references.

Ask about aftercare

When implementing a new system, you’re naturally going to have lots of questions that need answering – quickly and without any jargon. But even after the initial set-up phase, you’ll likely have queries and need a friendly support team on hand to help.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the provider’s guaranteed response times and customer satisfaction ratings.

Question its benefit

Shifting from paper-based systems to digital can feel like a huge leap, so ask yourself how the software will improve your business.

It should enhance your current processes, empower your staff by cutting down admin time so it’s available to spend with children, forecast future revenue and occupancy to help you make informed decisions, and overall, support your future.

Connect Childcare have produced a free, helpful guide on choosing and switching nursery management software. This covers the advantages of Nursery Management Software, the 10 questions you need to ask any prospective software supplier and what you need to consider before making the decision to switch.

You can access that here.

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