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Kinderloop is Taking the Stress out of Recording Planning and Observations

  • Kinderloop is Taking the Stress out of Recording Planning and Observations

Okay, so you have your chunk of time off the floor to record your observations and plan next steps. What do you do?

For most educators this time is precious and jam-packed with expectations!

The focus of every early years practitioner has to be on the meaningful and purposeful interactions with children, but while we all know that this is the case, a lot of time is often spent writing out learning outcomes observed and having to cross reference ideas and observations, all while wrestling with big piles of paper.

Thankfully, the introduction of digital documentation software is making the process much simpler. At my setting, observations can be posted to the centre’s private Kinderloop, either quickly while on the floor with children or in down times during the day.

Later I can analyse and assess the learning of the children observed, identifying and tagging developmental areas.

We have also seen a vast increase in family engagement, with their feedback going towards our planning for the week! We love its simplicity and adaptability, and how it has improved us as educators!

Kinderloop is a fun, private early years tool that is empowering over 10,126 practitioners to simplify their documentation, save time and money and securely link to families in real time.

It enables educators to streamline the observation and planning process, limiting the duplication of data and leaving them with more time available to spend with the children.

To find out more, email or visit to start your free trial.

About the author
Kate is educational leader at Blueys Treehouse ELC