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How can ReallySchool Help Teachers Save Time in the Classroom?

  • How can ReallySchool Help Teachers Save Time in the Classroom?

This convenient, easy-to-use app reduces teachers’ workloads and enables comprehensive tracking of early years and primary school pupils’ daily learning.

What is ReallySchool?
ReallySchool is a tablet-based app that helps teachers gather evidence of skills acquisition in the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 classroom.

Developed by NetSupport, a trusted provider of education IT solutions since 1989, ReallySchool makes the task of capturing observations and assessments simple and streamlined.

Clear reports and progress timelines can be generated from pupils’ data in just a few clicks, meaning teachers can see information about their class quickly and easily.

Who is it for?
The ReallySchool app is for primary school teachers, TAs and early years practitioners – and SLT or administrators can gain a whole-school overview from its desktop portal.

Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly (similar to social media apps) so it can be used immediately and without training, it is accessible to all staff – including those who may feel that they lack IT skills – so that everyone can benefit from its time-saving tools.

How can teachers capture learning and monitor progress?
Via their tablet device, teachers can capture children’s learning with photos, videos or audio recordings.

They can add their own written or voice notes to observations as they occur, as well as see progress timelines and reports highlighting at a glance pupils who are expected, developing or emerging in their key skills or, alternatively, where assessments are still required or there are learning gaps that need to be addressed.

What are the benefits for teachers?
ReallySchool is a brilliant time-saver. Its flexibility means teachers can assess against the multiple criteria and frameworks built into ReallySchool for convenience (EYFS, KS1, Foundation Phase, KS2, Pre-key stage standards, PScales, CoEL, ECaT and EYDJ).

Staff can add/remove pupils on the fly; add extra assessment criteria as they go; change the criteria mid-assessment; record whether activities are child-initiated, part of a guided group or adult-led – and much more!

How is it good for students?
ReallySchool’s comprehensive class reports and student assessment progress summaries allow teachers to see instantly which children have learning gaps – and they can then plan their lessons accordingly to ensure every child has the chance to progress.

To motivate students to do well, ReallySchool’s student badges can be applied to a pupil’s record to celebrate their success and these can be shared via the app with parents and guardians.

What about parents?
Many schools struggle to engage parents, so ReallySchool makes it easy to share a child’s progress directly to their parent’s phone (via their version of the app) to encourage teacher-parent dialogue and involvement in their learning.

Video and audio files enable easy communication with all parents. Parents and teachers can comment on observations – and ReallySchool’s student journals are perfect for providing a progress overview at parents’ evenings.

What do others think of ReallySchool?
Our customers’ feedback has been outstanding. For example, Dogsthorpe Infant School says, “I highly recommend ReallySchool. It’s a fantastic product that has made a huge impact in the classroom.”

ReallySchool has also been chosen as a 2019 finalist in the Bett Awards, IT Europa Awards and Lincolnshire Technology and Innovation Awards – as well as being Highly Commended in the Education Resources Awards. It’s great to know that it’s making a real difference!

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