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Enhance your children’s learning environment with unique products from Profile Education

  • Enhance your children’s learning environment with unique products from Profile Education

Profile Education is a leading educational supplier of innovative and unique educational furniture, early years products, outdoor equipment, and stationery. We supply a wide range of high-quality products and resources to UK nurseries, primary schools, and offices.

For over 35 years, Profile Education have designed and supplied products to enhance both the learning environment and experience for children.

We design durable products that will withstand busy learning environments, providing only the highest quality, purpose-built products to meet the unique demands of early education.

We understand that the early years of education are critically important for encouraging children’s natural curiosity and promoting cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development.

We are committed to equipping teachers, administrators, and practitioners with the best products to create an inspiring, warm, and welcoming classroom environment where young minds can flourish.

Our focus is on helping to create rich, stimulating settings where children are free to learn through exploration, discovery, and meaningful play. With over three decades of experience enriching early education, we have the expertise and selection to help bring any curriculum or learning space to life.

We offer unique, high-quality products from leading brands such as Winther, Gonge and Wisdom.

The Winther trikes, bikes and scooters range has every stage of physical development covered. The vehicles help children to explore and gain confidence while inspiring their play and movement and developing physical and motor skills.

Products that will stand the test of time

The Gonge range has been carefully designed and curated to support children’s physical, social and cognitive development. The extensive range is guaranteed to get children moving, developing their physical abilities, and promoting momentous little moments.

The Gonge Build n’ Balance Nordic Starter set is the perfect introduction to the Gonge Build n’ Balance range.

Highly commended in the Teach Awards 2023 Happy & Healthy category, this exciting and challenging balancing system allows the elements to be combined in countless ways, encouraging children to use their imagination to set up and build various balance courses and landscapes.

The Build n’ Balance starter set also offers great flexibility. The level of difficulty can be varied by building the course at heights ranging from 10 to 24cm, supporting physical development and confidence in children.

The complete range offers great choice and flexibility, with additional pieces available to create your very own unique Build n’ Balance course.

The Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor classrooms have gained in popularity over the last few years and offer many benefits that can enhance a children’s learning experience whilst improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Profile Education offer a wide range of outdoor resources designed specifically for young learners, so you can create an outdoor space that is practical while allowing children to explore nature and their environment, helping to foster imagination and creativity.

Our Outdoor Construction Blocks, which have been highly commended in the Teach Awards 2023 Creative Play category, offer the perfect outdoor activity to help to support physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

The uniquely designed construction blocks include plug in joint blocks that link blocks together, meaning that children can build more stable and stackable structures and enhance their building and creativity skills.

They support a STEM and STEAM approach to learning by developing and encouraging problem solving, perseverance and creative thinking and are suitable for both individual and group learning as children use their imaginations to create structures, cities, and landscapes from everyday life.

Manufactured from a high-tensile-strength woodgrain HDPE (highly weather resistant), the sets are low maintenance and a sustainable choice for the environment. They’re vailable in three different sets, offering choice and value.

Highly commended in the Teach Awards 2023 Early Explorations category, the Water Wallboard set is designed to encourage children to have fun playing with water whilst at the same time learning to understand how water flows.

Water play provides hours of valuable early childhood experiences and helps to develop creativity and imagination. Children will develop hand-eye coordination and understand maths and science concepts as they learn to think analytically.

Pipes and channels can be adjusted as children experiment and reconfigure the tubes to change the direction of flow. There is even a water wheel to add to the fun.

Our Water Wallboard is a great STEM activity, teaching children about gravity, angles, and water flow, and is supplied with two buckets, two ladles and 12 small hollow balls for extra play value.

Manufactured from treated pinewood with strong PVC and plastic piping, it is a quality piece of craftmanship that children can enjoy throughout every season.

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