Metal containers from TTS make creating concoctions fun.

  • Metal containers from TTS make creating concoctions fun.

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Sometimes the simplest of resources can provide the richest learning opportunities. TTS Group Ltd, supplier of high quality educational resources to schools and Early Years settings, have a great range metal containers that lend themselves to an array of open-ended activities.

There’s something very appealing and engaging about mixing, collecting and stirring a concoction in a huge metal tray big enough for giants. There are metal jugs, pans and a variety of other receptacles for the children to transfer natural materials, make mud pies and so much more.

Metal Creative Tubs (EY06672) is a set of 3 jumbo sized tubs which are great for stirring, mashing and swishing mighty concoctions in your outdoor area. Made from zinc, the tubs can be used in a variety of contexts. Children will love filling them with sand, water, mud or twigs. Priced at £24.95 the Metal Creative Tubs are a fantastic open-ended resource which will engage and delight.

Metal Buckets and Pans (EY06676), priced at £19.99, is a beautiful container collection where each container has leather handles. Children will love collecting things and filling them up. They can stir, mash, empty and fill with this delightful, practical and appealing set which includes 1 bucket and 3 pans.

A variety of different materials can be stored inside the Metal Churns (EY06675). Will it be water, fir cones, leaves or twigs? Practitioners can place different items inside them and ask the children to lift the lids and peer in to view the contents. Priced at £24.95. Why not fill them up with water poured from the Metal Jugs (EY06674), a set of 3 zinc jugs costing £19.99, which will make a great addition to the outdoor setting.

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