Learning and Development

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  • Jungle-themed Maths

    Venture into the jungle with Carole Skinner’s menagerie of animal-themed activities… There will be children in your setting who are entranced by…

    Subject: Maths

    Author: Carole Skinner

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  • Early Years Topic: Sport

    Whether they require balls, bats, skittles or tracks, sporting activities offer pre-school children a host of learning opportunities, says Wendy Bowkett… When…

    Subject: Topics

    Author: Wendy Bowkett

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  • The Montessori Method: Numeracy

    Barbara Isaacs describes ways in which numeracy can be promoted in and outside the nursery… Recent research identified children’s ability to…

    Subject: Montessori Method

    Author: Barbara Isaacs

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  • Celebrating Diversity

    Linda Mort explains the benefits of exploring the world’s festivals and celebrations with young children… The beliefs and values of the world’s…

    Subject: Understanding the world

    Author: Linda Mort

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  • Giving Children Meaningful Choices

    Whatever their age, encourage children to make decisions about their creative work, says Robert Watts… The photograph below shows my son Joe,…

    Subject: Creativity

    Author: Robert Watts

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